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Issue no. 5

August 2011

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  • Welcome to the EFG
  • Introducing the Collections
  • EFG Conferences in Retrospect
  • In Brief
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  • Welcome to the EFG

    Design draft of the EFG Portal start page / Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF

    We are very pleased to announce the launch of the European Film Gateway! Currently, the portal gives access to about 500,000 film-historical documents, images and films. Discover early shorts by great masters like Rossellini, Antonioni or Carl Theodor Dreyer, rare books and colourful laterna magica slides from the pre-cinema era alongside beautiful film posters and stills illustrating over 100 years of European film history.


    Introducing the Collections

    Among the rarities from the early days of cinema viewable on the European Film Gateway are 18 erotic short films from the holdings of the Filmarchiv Austria. Previously only available on DVD, this precious collection of films made by Saturn-Film, the first ever production company in Austria, has now been made accessible online for the first time. Cinecittà Luce, on the other hand, gives access to the famous and back then innovative newsreel collection “La Settimana Incom”.


    EFG Conferences in Retrospect

    In 2011, EFG organised several conferences and workshops on key issues, the film heritage sector is dealing with today. While cataloguers and information specialists met in Frankfurt on 30 May to discuss data quality and semantic interoperability issues, representatives of film archives, rights holder organisations and Europeana came together in Amsterdam to exchange positions on the recently published EU Proposal for a Directive on Certain Permitted Uses of Orphan Works and to talk about rights clearing practices and the handling of orphan works in European film archives. The symposium in Bologna, on the other hand, dealt with the changes and challenges the digital age imposes on film heritage institutions and their users.


    In Brief

    From 4 August to 25 September, the Hungarian National Film Archive (MNFA) – recently renamed into Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute (MaNDA) – is holding an exhibition titled ”European Film Gateway - The Age of Hungarian Silent Film: Stars, Photos, Posters, Films” at the Kunsthalle Budapest. This exclusive selection of treasures from the film and special collections of the Hungarian National Film Archive, is featured on the European Film Gateway where MNFA makes available 1,000 photos from the age of silent and the dawn of sound film, together with 1,200 posters from the beginnings of cinema up to the 1990s. The exhibition is accompanied by a series of screenings, featuring such rarely seen works as Sándor Korda's “Aranyember” (“The Man of Gold”, HU 1918), Jenő Janovics' “Az utolsó éjszaka” (“The Last Night”, HU 1917) and Alfred Deésy's “Aphrodité” (HU 1918).


    On 14 August, after 1,5 years of extensive reconstruction, the Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt/Main, will again open its doors to the public. The museum, which is managed by the Deutsches Filminstitut, now features a completely redesigned permanent exhibition, a modernised cinema and a new educational workshop area with a small film studio.


    The Danish Film Institute has added a beautiful section to its website presenting facts on and collections available on the European Film Gateway. To find out more about their collections delivered to EFG, please click here.

    Upcoming Events

    18 - 19 August: Final EFG Plenary Board Meeting, Frankfurt, Germany


    25 - 26 August: International Conference “The Law of Transformation: New Perspectives on Norwegian Cinema” organised by the National Library, Oslo, Norway


    3 - 8 September: IASA 42nd Annual Conference “Digital Sense and Nonsense: Digital Decision Making in Sound and Audiovisual Collections”, Frankfurt, Germany


    12 -16 September: PrestoCentre Workshop “Long-term Audiovisual Preservation: Strategy, Planning & Tools”, Bry-sur-Marne, France


    15 - 16 September: Second EUscreen International Conference on Use and Creativity, Stockholm, Sweden


    20 September: Public Workshop on the EU Study “Digital Agenda for European Film Heritage” (DAEFH), Brussels, Belgium



    28 September - 2 October: FIAT/IFTA World Conference, Turin, Italy


    6 - 8 October: BAAC Annual Conference 2011 “Digital Access and Copyright”, Tallinn, Estonia


    13 October: Europeana Plenary Conference, Warsaw, Poland


    17 - 21 October: FRAME Training Course “Organization, Marketing and Use of Archival Digital Content” organised by Ina SUP , Bry-sur-Marne, France


    6 - 9 December: International Conference about Digital Strategies for Heritage – DISH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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