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11 May 2010

EUscreen Workshop on Metadata Schemes and Content Selection Policies

EUscreen announced the First Open workshop on Metadata Schemes and Content Selection Policies, to be held on 23-24 June, Mykonos, Greece.
The workshop will present experience and developments within the EUscreen and other related European projects including the EFG. ...


23 Apr 2010

The European Commission sets up a Reflection Group on digitization

On 21 April the European Commission announced the establishment of a Reflection Group on digitization with the aim of supporting the cultural sector in transition towards the digital age. ...


19 Apr 2010

Europeana publishes a Public Domain Charter

Europeana's Public Domain Charter takes a strong position in support of the Public Domain being essential for economic and social well-being. The Charter also says digitisation of Public Domain content does not create new rights over it. ...


26 Mar 2010

WCF Initiates Restoration of Film From Hungarian National Film Archive

One of the latest restoration projects initiated by Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Foundation (WCF) is devoted to an early work of Hungarian-American filmmaker André de Toth, 'Two Girls in the Street' ('Két Lány Az Utcán') from 1939. ...


11 Mar 2010

Virtual exhibition “A Roma Journey”

The European Library launched a new virtual exhibition called 'A Roma Journey'.
It provides content about Roma's rich cultural heritage across Europe; you can view a unique collection of full-text books, rare manuscripts, photographs, paintings, sound recordings and videos from the world of the Roma. ...


02 Mar 2010

Sign up as Europeana Test User!

EuropeanaConnect is currently performing several surveys and usability tests to evaluate new facilities on the Europeana website. ...


25 Feb 2010

Producers and Film Archives Sign Framework Agreement for Voluntary Deposit of Films in European Archives

On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Berlin International Film Festival, Claudia Dillmann, President of ACE and Luis Alberto Scalella, President of FIAPF, signed a framework agreement setting out new arrangements for voluntary deposit of films and film related materials in preservation archives. ...


25 Jan 2010

Dutch Film Organisations merge into Eye Film Institute Netherlands

On 31 December 2009, the Netherlands Filmmuseum, Holland Film, the Netherlands Institute for Film Education (NIF), and the Filmbank pooled their resources to form a new organisation - the eye Film Institute Netherlands. With this merger, the Dutch film world has gained a sector-wide umbrella institute that works to support national cinema culture. ...


20 Dec 2009

Read about Europeana from the US perspective

In her article, Ricky Erway of OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) provides a detailed and highly insightful outsider's view on the Europeana project. ...


15 Dec 2009

118 replies to the online consultation 'Europeana - next steps'

The Commission's consultation 'Europeana - next steps' closed on 15 November. The contributions, amongst them the replies from ACE, will feed into the further policy development of Europeana.
The published contributions are availabe on the Commission's website.

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