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The work of the EFG project is organised in eight workpackages (WPs), described below. Details on progress of project work and access to produced public deliverables will be provided from the Outcomes page.

  • General presentation of the project work
  • WP1 User Needs and Service Requirements
    Leader: Filmarchiv Austria

    • Gathering information about user requirements and expectations is the starting point of the project.
    • The findings will feed into an initial description of system requirements for the service prototype, to be taken up and refined in WP2 and WP4.
    • Once the prototype is launched to the public, WP1 will gather information about user preferences through log file analysis and user feedback forms provided on the service’s website. This monitoring activity will provide WP2 and WP4 with important input for refinement of the prototype during the second half of the project’s duration and afterwards.

    WP 2 Technical Interoperability and Access
    Leader: CNR-ISTI, Pisa

    This WP addresses the project interoperability and access issues from a technical point of view. In particular, it will identify, design and implement the techniques and technologies needed to satisfy the expectations of the EFG community.
    • The design activity consists of (i) a preliminary study phase in which existing metadata standards and interoperability protocols are carefully evaluated, and (ii) a concrete design phase in which the common metadata format is established, the interoperability schema is fixed and the required adaptations and refinements of services are defined in detail.
    • The implementation activity consists of an adaptation of a set of services currently available in  the DRIVER project (stores, index, search, multilingual and data curation services), in order to implement those needed for a federation of audio/video repositories compliant with the EFG user requirements.

    The EFG service will rely on the technology developed by the DRIVER project. This is an open service system which enables the creation and maintenance of infrastructures capable of supporting the construction of Information Spaces of digital objects collected from a number of heterogeneous archives. It also enables the creation of service-oriented applications where services can be shared and re-used in the context of others.

    WP3 Content Enrichment and Semantic Interoperability
    Leader: Det Danske Filminstitut

    • A minimum set of rules for semantic interoperability are agreed. These include the character set used and the adoption of common standards for cataloguing and documentation.
    • Controlled vocabularies are defined and adopted for descriptive categories with a limited set of possible values such as credit and cast functions, version types, film genres etc. Existing sources such as P/META and the FIAF Glossary of Filmographic Terms may be used.
    • A minimum degree of conformity of free entries of text and numbers, e.g. film titles and person names, retrieved from cataloguing specifications such as FIAF cataloguing rules or AACR2 (or, if available, RDA) is achieved.
    • The actual work of filmographic editing, authority record matching and archival metadata tagging is carried out.
    • A comprehensive authority file database of film works and film-related persons as well as corporate bodies is developed.

    WP 4 Service Implementation and Operation, Web Platform
    Leader: Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF e.V. with support from CNR-ISTI

    • Aim of this WP is to install, deploy and maintain the software components needed to develop the EFG service.
    • Main activities are: (i) deployment and maintenance of the infrastructure of services and content constituting the EFG service back-end; (ii) implementation and maintenance of the portal constituting the EFG service front-end.

    WP 5 IPR Management and Administration
    Leader: eye Film Instituut Nederland

    • WP5 provides the individual network partners with tools and best practices for consultations with representatives from rights owners’ and producers’ organisations in order to make archival material available online.
    • This is done through a number of activities, including: assessment of copyright regulations and legal framework for on-line use of archival content; consultation events with content owners/ copyright stakeholders; clustering with EC-funded projects for enabling access to copyrighted works; compilation of a research report on open content models; gaining experience from other organisations engaged with on-line publishing of copyrighted archival film material. 
    • The relevant findings and results will be summarised in a Recommendations and Guidelines document for IPR and copyright management for film archives aiming at making collections available online.

    WP 6 Dissemination and Networking
    Leader: Eremo, Association des Cinémathèques Européennes

    • Through WP6 EFG disseminates and promotes the uptake of the project’s results by audiovisual community stakeholders throughout Europe including but not confined to its own members.
    • Main activities include development of project web site, concertation events, newsletter, regional workshops.

    WP 7 Legal and Organisational Governance, Sustainability Planning
    Leader: Association des Cinémathèques Européennes

    This WP investigates solutions for the project’s long-term sustainability in terms of the legal status of the network, its internal rules of procedure and its organisational link to the EDL Foundation. It also aims to identify viable alternatives for economic sustainability of the network and the service.

    WP 8 Project Co-ordination
    Leader: Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF e.V.

    WP8 provides the management, co-ordination and monitoring activities necessary in an extensive action of this kind.

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