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13 Dec 2009

EFG at the Cultural Heritage on line conference in Florence

On 15th and 16th December EFG will be represented at the conference's poster exhibition, providing cultural heritage professionals from all over the world with material and information about the project's goals and latest achievements.
Further information

28 Nov 2009

ICT Call 6 is open

Please be informed that ICT Call 6 is open now - deadline is 13 April 2010.
Amongst others, the European Commission is calling for proposals addressing the research fields digital libaries and digital preservation. ...


25 Nov 2009

Orphan works - European Parliament Workshop of 10 November 2009

The interventions made at the European Parliament Workshop on orphan works of 10 November 2009 are available here.
Elisabeth Niggemann represented Europeana.

11 Nov 2009

Register for CULTURAL HERITAGE on line

Open to all interested professionals, the 2nd edition of this international conference is hosted by Teatro della Pergola in Florence on 15-16 December 2009. ...


01 Nov 2009

Digital Strategies for Heritage - Register for DISH2009

This new international conference on digital heritage and the opportunities it offers to cultural institutions takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from 8 -10 December 2009.
DISH2009 aims at sharing knowledge about and experiences with digital strategies. It will host speakers from 11 countries in keynotes, debates, workshops and paper presentations on topics like open technology, heritage on the map and the mobile future. ...


25 Oct 2009

EC Adopts Communication on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy

In order to tackle the cultural and legal challenges of mass-scale digitisation and dissemination of books as well as other archival materials, the European Commission just adopted a Communication on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy on 19 October 2009. ...


19 Oct 2009

Erasmus Award for Networking Europe

At the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards 2009 ceremony at the City Hall in Vienna last Friday, was awarded the Erasmus Award for Networking Europe. ...


13 Oct 2009

Archimages09: Registration now open

'Research and Archives: Digitising images, then what?' - Professionals from the audiovisual heritage sector are invited to discuss this question at the Institut National du Patrimoine (INP) in Paris from 18-20 November 2009. ...


30 Sep 2009

EFG at the 6th Communia Workshop in Barcelona

The workshop themed 'Memory Institutions and the Public Domain' takes place from 1-2 October 2009. The EFG project will be presented to international experts from the academic and cultural heritage sector within the context of the thematic session 'Progressions from open access to the public domain: in museums, archives and film institutes'. ...


25 Sep 2009

PrestoPRIME Workshop in Vienna

The Europeana Group member PrestoPRIME will be holding its first dissemination event in Vienna, Austria on 5-6 October 2009. ...


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