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18 Sep 2009

Draft European Standard for Cinematographic Works

The CEN (Centre Européen de Normalisation) enquiry mandated by the Commission regarding the second of the European standards on interoperability of film databases finalised on 26 July 2009. Of the 25 CEN members, 14 agreed with the possibility of adopting the draft 'Film identification - Enhancing interoperability of metadata - Element sets and structures (prEN 15907)' as a European standard, 10 abstained and one is against. ...


08 Sep 2009

FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2009

The FIAT/IFTA World Conference in 2009 will be hosted by CCTV in Beijing (22-26 October 2009): 'A New World - A New Deal for Archives'; more information can be found on the conference-pages. ...


29 Aug 2009

Europe's Digital Library doubles in size but also shows EU's lack of common web copyright solution

Yesterday the European Commission declared in a policy document as its target to bring the number of digitised objects available through Europena to 10 million by 2010. ...


24 Aug 2009

ICSD 2009: Registration open

You are invited to join, attend and participate in the International Conference for Digital Libraries and the Semantic Web (ICSD 2009). ...


12 Aug 2009

east european forum

apply for
east european forum
and find financing and support for your creative documentary projects
application deadline: September 11, 2009 ...


30 Jul 2009

Registration for Joint BAAC (Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council) and LCSA (Lithuanian Central State Archive) Annual Conference 2009 now open


20 Jul 2009

Europeana Plenary Conference 'Creation, Collaboration & Copyright', and Europeana v1.0 workgroup meetings, 14-16 September, The Hague

Details about the programme and accommodation are available on the Europeana plenary website

11 Jul 2009

Presentation of EFG and CWS at the Film Restoration Summer School / FIAF Summer School 2009

A presentation on EFG with a special focus on the newly developed EFG metadata schema was given by project co-ordinator Georg Eckes during the Film Restoration Summer School / FIAF Summer School in Bologna. ...


07 Jul 2009

Cinema Experts Group / Subgroup Film Heritage

The meeting in Brussels on 18 June 2009 was attended by around 75 experts from film heritage institutions from 24 European countries and 8 European professional associations. Georg Eckes (Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF) presented the EFG project. ...


25 Jun 2009

eConnect workshop on multilinguality

A workshop with the title 'MULTILINGUALITY IN INFORMATION ACCESS TO DIGITAL LIBRARIES USER NEEDS AND EVALUATION OF MULTILINGUAL RESOURCES USE', is being organised by the EuropeanaConnect project to be held in Trento, Italy, on 9 September 2009. ...


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